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Privacy Policy

Possum Playtime is built for adult carers to help them find and filter playgrounds, it is free to use and contains no ads and there are no restrictions to use it!
At Possum Playtime we don't collect, gather or share any information from users of the Possum Playtime app:

  1. No names, addresses, emails or any personal details are required to use the app

  2. Any customer communication will come from users emailing us or interacting with us directly, we have no way of spamming you as we don't gather any personal details from you!

  3. No information about participants of the app is used to create content without knowledge, consent or express permission from those parties.

  4. Retention policy: as no information is obtained from users, it is also not retained or stored.


If you have enquiries about our privacy policy, please get in touch at

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