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Possum Playtime has been created by a Sydney mum - sharing activities and inspiration to help parents and their children to have fun while learning outdoors! 

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Little kids learn through outdoor play

Possum Playtime grew organically from an app sharing local playgrounds in Sydney, to an active Instagram page and Newsletter which shares outdoor play activities for children aged 0-5.

Why outdoor play? Because it's fun! But also because children learn through sensory exploration. Children spend less than half the time their parents did outdoors (National Trust, UK) and Possum Playtime aims to make it easier to know the best things to do outside! 

About Me

Georgina - Possum Playtime

Hi there ! My name is Georgina and I created Possum Playtime in May 2021. I have a toddler and just over 8 years experience in engineering and consulting so I like to think I'm pretty good at solving problems! 


I found it hard to know how to entertain my toddler in a way we both enjoyed and found the existing blogs time-wasting. I saw that other parents struggled with this too so after getting great feedback from other mums, I created Possum Playtime to share weekly inspiration for outdoor enriching play through data-backed studies and traditions in many cultures such as bush school and forest play.

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